Friday, 1 May 2009


Before the occurrence of landslide (Prevention)

There are many possible solutions to prevent landslide and to overcome these, the solutions will be divided into four aspects which is economic, social aspect, environment and infrastructure.

In terms of economic aspects, the government needs to upgrade more on the knowledge on natural phenomenon to the public through media such as internet, seminar and others. By stating more information regarding the landslide, the locals would know few things about landslide and the way to deal with landslide if it occurs. Not only that, the government should provide more expertise to prevent this matter before it happens. In addition, with expertise help, the government should held campaign for the locals to participate. Therefore, the locals can gain knowledge on this matter.

The other way is the government should provide some expenses on wall retentions especially the area which can be prone to landslide. If possible, the government should spend a lot on the wall retentions in order to build then to reconstruct a new one.

In term of social aspects, the locals need to understand and apply their knowledge about the occurrence of landslide. The locals must aware about their areas especially the area that are near steep slopes, lose to mountain edges, near drainage ways or natural erosion valleys. As mentioned earlier that the government should provide knowledge about landslide, the locals should take precautious about their property, such as the locals should contact the expertise and as for information their property that whether their area are prone to landslide or not.

Another point for social aspect is that the locals need to learn about the emergency-response and evacuation plans if landslide occurs. This is the most important in a way to prepare in such occurrence. For instance, the victims should know where to evacuate, whether they have to stay with their families or not.

In term of environmental aspects, to prevent from landslide to occur, such expertise should know about the properties that going to be constructed. For instance, the expertise should know the environment of the area especially the rock types or soil profile. With soil profile with such low nutrients can be hazardous for buildings to be built. To overcome this, every contractors need expertise as advisers to build houses.

Another way to prevent the landslide environmentally is to plant ground cover on slopes. This is to support the slopes with more roots and this can help from occurrence of landslide. For example, if the slope is clear from vegetation, the slope should be covered by plants.

In term of infrastructure aspects, the government should provide relief centers for the victims. For instance, if the victims can not find any places to live, the government should give the privilege to stay at the relief centers. Another solution is the technology warning such as satellite images from the methodological station can be used for warning the locals about the weather especially during the intense rainfall. Then, with the media's help, they can inform the locals regarding the weathers.

After the occurrence of landslide (Curing)

In handling the problems aftermath of landslide, solutions can also be categorized into four aspects which is economic, social aspect, environment and infrastructure.

In terms of economical aspects, house owners should choose housing insurance companies that can cover damages caused by landslide if they feel that their houses are prone to landslide. This would ease the burden of the victims in financial terms.

Fund-raising activities should also be held specifically to the victims of landslide for example by having golf charity tournaments and bazaars. This type of activities should be done on a regular basis for instance once a month. This could also promote awareness towards landslide to others.

In terms of infrastructure aspect, retaining walls should be checked for damages quite often to ensure that it is properly functioning. The surrounding areas of the retaining walls should also be included in this maintenance process. For instance checking whether the wall retentions' holes are blocked or not.

Another solution to the infrastructure aspect is to improve roadways so that it can help reduce the debris of landslide. This is to prevent from traffic congestion. Therefore with the installation of proper drainage system this could help decrease sediment caused by landslide effectively.

In terms of environmental aspects, the fertility of the land will be affected by the landslides. As the landslides occur, the amount of fertility of the land will be reduced. This is because the top layer of the soil is being wear away by the landslide, and the availability of the new cut layer will not be fertile as before. In addition, the top layer before the landslides occur is mix up with other organic matters that can make the soil fertile, however, the fertility of the new layer will be lesser as the soil is still new and fresh. From here, what is the best solution? The best solution is by adding organic matter to the soil in order to gain more fertile land. In addition, the more fertile the land is, the more re-plantation we can resolve, in order to prevent the occurrence of landslides.

In term of social aspects, in the occurrence of landslide, proper government agencies in response to the landslide aftermath should guide the victims into proper settlements. Thus, thus indefinitely helps the victims cope with the effect of the landslide. Basic amenities should be provided in the settlement area therefore reducing the burden of the victims.